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 Japan, China to prevent lunar probe jamming

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PostSubject: Japan, China to prevent lunar probe jamming   Tue 19 Jun - 11:00

Japanese and Chinese space authorities are to study ways to prevent their separate lunar probes from jamming each other's communication signals.

Japan is to launch in August a lunar probe nicknamed "Kaguya" after a princess in an ancient folktale who returned to the moon. China is due to launch its lunar probe "Chang'e One" in the summer or later.

Japan's space agency is concerned that communication signals to and from the two countries' spacecraft may interfere and result in exposing each other's data.

The agency says it has asked for joint studies to adjust their radio frequency bands, and that Chinese space authorities have agreed to cooperate.

Moon exploration attempts are gathering steam internationally, with India planning to launch its own probe vehicle and the United States planning to construct a base on the moon.

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Japan, China to prevent lunar probe jamming
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