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 Aso: resumption of 6-party talks depends on N.Korea

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PostSubject: Aso: resumption of 6-party talks depends on N.Korea   Tue 19 Jun - 10:57

Japan's Foreign Minister Taro Aso says the 6-party talks on North Korea's nuclear program should be resumed after seeing how far the North implements the initial steps it agreed to in February.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Mr Aso said North Korea's invitation to the International Atomic Energy Agency's inspectors cannot be judged as a sign that the nation is now willing to abandon its nuclear program.

He said discussions with IAEA inspectors were originally set for February, and the North's recent move only suggests that the nation may have finally decided to start fulfilling its obligations

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Aso: resumption of 6-party talks depends on N.Korea
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